8 Reasons why WordPress website design is ideal for small businesses.

Jan 2, 2022

WordPress is easily the best website to solve SEO issues which is why it makes up for 34% of the web. WordPress is essential to B2C businesses as a large majority of marketers find content marketing to be very useful for their businesses. Weave is a renowned Website design Agency that uses WordPress to create beautiful and functional websites for its clients. 

WordPress is an SEO friendly platform that provides several tools to a  Website design Agency to optimize posts and pages efficiently for higher ranking. WordPress is also one of the most user-friendly platforms for making sites rank higher on search engines. WordPress was launched in 2003 and has since been acclaimed by many as one of the best Content Management Systems (CMS) for a Website design Agency

In its initial stages, WordPress was used as a blogging platform primarily and in the past few years, it has gained some versatility by providing Website design Agencies to create functional websites. It is widely believed that WordPress is one of the best CMS available for SEO and there are many reasons for that. 

Why WordPress is the Best CMS for a Website design Agency?

Superior user experience 

With WordPress, you can easily create a user-friendly website experience. You can reduce the bounce rate on your website with users staying on your website for an extended period. This is especially great for SEO rankings giving your website Google’s stamp of approval. 

Free and open-sourced

The best thing about WordPress is that it is free to use and although there is a premium version that you can use for added benefits, the free version gives you access to beautiful themes without having to pay for anything. WordPress website design is one of the greatest features provided especially for startups and small businesses. 

Easy for beginners 

There is nothing more daunting for small business owners than the thought of developing and running their website with zero knowledge of WordPress website design. But WordPress provides a seamless user experience even if you are completely new to it. It is designed especially for people who don’t have any knowledge of coding or WordPress website design so that you can customize a website according to your needs without the hassle. 

Optimize images easily 

When optimizing your website or blog, do not forget to optimize the images as well as that affects your rankings on search engines. WordPress allows you to optimize the images easily so that your content has some visual appeal and improved SEO ranking. You can add keywords in the description of the images, upload the exact size and quality that doesn’t slow down your website, using WordPress website design

Improved site speed

WordPress helps you create websites that are easier to load with WordPress website design. The platform gives you access to several plugins available that will speed up your website and reduce loading time. This is also essential for a great user experience and creating a hassle-free website. 

Share on social media 

Social media is the largest platform when it comes to sharing your content. You can use social media to drive massive amounts of traffic to your websites. Many companies offering web design services in Boston rely on WordPress to automatically share your content on social media which gives your content great visibility and your social media more engagement. Campaigns for your business are better run using WordPress and social media side by side. 

SEO friendly themes

By using WordPress you can improve the website design by using the SEO friendly free themes available. Website design is also one of the components that search engines improve your ranking based on. With a user friendly website that has an easy to navigate theme you can improve the traffic and ranking of your website.

High-quality security 

By creating a website on WordPress you’re ensuring that the content you put up is secured. The high tier security of WordPress blogs ensures that blogs and websites remain safe. So long as you are making the necessary updates you will see that the user experience for the end-user is unparalleled. 
wordpress website design

Does my business require WordPress? 

WordPress is one of the most highly acclaimed content management software in the world and used by almost every SEO & Marketing Agency in Boston. You can find that WordPress provides great tools to alter and edit your website without using code at any step of the way. With WordPress, you have access to amazing themes and you can decorate your website easily to add more decorative elements.  

Website design plays an important role in determining the traffic of your website. Whenever you publish your content you should take into account how it will be presented on the given platform. About 30% of the websites on the web operate on a word press which allows you to create and publish content easily. The biggest strength of having a WordPress website is being able to reduce complications and maintain the website without the need for delving into code. 

WordPress is used by people who can code as well. It is not limited to audiences that cannot code. The platform in itself is quite dynamic and allows you to utilize and build websites with the use of sophisticated plugins. You can take your online business to the next level using WordPress for constant growth. 

How does WordPress improve your ranking on search engines? 

WordPress is the best CMS for SEO and content marketing. It allows you to take control of your website while allowing you to showcase the content you create to the masses. With the right CMS, you can get the most out of your website, ensuring that traffic is maximized. 

WordPress is not searched engine optimized but it is search engine friendly. The themes available on WordPress allow you to achieve better search engine ranking. There are certain ways you can improve the visibility of your website using search engine visibility. 

With WordPress, you can create a mobile-friendly website which helps increase website traffic as more people are using their phones when browsing the web. WordPress can help you curate an interest-based audience which will help users connect with your business in a more meaningful way. The website is also a great place to implement a call to action. With the right theme, you can present forms, image links that persuade the audience to make a purchase, subscribe to a newsletter ad or download files. All of this depends on what call to action you are using for your business. 

Why should small businesses use WordPress? 

Business owners can benefit largely from using WordPress because it is a great blogging platform that also provides a great deal of technical knowledge. The platform itself is free and the paid version is quite low priced. A small business with a smaller budget can easily afford to build a functional website on WordPress. The security and development tools that WordPress offers are quite impressive considering the price point. You can also go a long way in terms of search engine optimization with the available features. 

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